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Doktorandin / Doktorand / PhD student - Biomedical Research Laboratory
Frankfurt am Main
Aktualität: 21.11.2023


21.11.2023, Universitätsklinikum Frankfurt
Frankfurt am Main
Doktorandin / Doktorand / PhD student - Biomedical Research Laboratory
Cultivation, transfection, and analysis of human cell lines Protein and nucleic acid isolation from cell tissue and patient tissue QPCR analysis and western blot analysis Histology and confocal fluorescence microscopy Design and development of transfection and chemotherapy treatments Quantification of imaging data, quality control of data sets Statistical analysis and evaluation
You have completed a university degree (master/diploma) in the fields of biology, human biology, molecular medicine, biochemistry, veterinary medicine or comparable. Ideally, you have previous knowledge of miRNA function, various sequencing techniques, and viral and non-viral transfection methods. You are reliable, committed, a team player and have a high level of self-motivation. You have good written and spoken English skills. Due to legal regulation, a valid proof of measles immunity / measles vaccination is required.